Mount Pleasant and Oakland Cemeteries offer more than Cremation, Burial Plots and Memorials. We have Scattering Gardens, Columbarium Niches and In-ground Cremation plots in our beautifully maintained properties. We also have a new Reception Centre and a renovated Chapel available for the service of your choice.

The following is a list of some of the more prominent Londoners laid to rest in Oakland Cemetery :

1820 - 1899
Mayor of London 1871, Owner of pump factory, connected to The Western Fair.

1839 - 1899
One of the 1st supporters of Hyde Park Methodist Church.

1818 - 1857
1st Fire Chief of London, firm of Craig & Campbell.

Rev. William PROUDFOOT
1788 - 1851
Presbyterian Minister.

Frederick HUTTON
1793 - 1878
Hutton Road and Hutton school were named after.

Robert REID
1822 - 1900
One of the founders of London Life.

Col.James MOFFAT
The elected Mayor of London for 1860 term.

1810 - 1877
Owner of Plummer & Pacey Wagon Works.

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