Our Services

We pride ourselves on a wide range of services and options to meet your needs. Mount Pleasant and Oakland Cemeteries offers more than memorials, burial plots and cremation. We have columbarium niches, in-ground cremation plots, our beautiful cremation scattering garden and much more.

Mount Pleasant and Oakland Cemeteries have a selection of granite monuments on display outside our office. We can also match anything you can find in our cemetery provided that it falls within our present by-law guidelines. Our helpful staff can assist you in choosing a monument that is best suited to your needs and wishes. We can also supply flat granite markers with many designs to choose from. Bronze plaques can be installed on a central monument near our scattering garden to memorialize a loved one who may be interred elsewhere.

When traditional burial is chosen, Mount Pleasant and Oakland Cemeteries have several sections available. Only one casket is allowed per grave-site. However, up to four cremations can be interred in the same plot. Traditional burial lots are available in both upright monument and flat marker sections as you prefer. We also have designated sections for infants and children as well as veterans.

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When Cremation is your choice, we have several available options for your interment needs:

Columbarium Niche
A popular choice for cremation interment is a columbarium. Columbaria contain niches that hold urns containing cremated remains. Doors are covered with a granite faceplate, which is finished with a bronze plaque to memorialize your loved one. Each niche is approximately a cubic foot in size and can accommodate two sets of cremated remains.

In Ground Cremation Plots
We have cremation lots that will accommodate flat markers and ones that allow an upright monument to be placed. Each lot will accept up to three sets of cremated remains.

Scattering Gardens 
Our beautiful scattering gardens are serene areas to scatter the cremated remains of a loved one. A small bronze plaque may be attached to a central monument containing the name, year of birth and year of death of your loved ones.

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Care and Maintenance

Care and Maintenance (formerly known as Perpetual Care) contributions became mandatory in Ontario in 1955. Forty per cent of the price of each grave and 15 per cent of the price of each columbarium niche that is purchased is put into the Care and Maintenance Trust Fund. The cemetery can use the interest off this fund to help maintain the cemetery.

Regular care and maintenance activities include: cutting grass, leveling graves, planting and caring for trees, snow removal, maintenance of water-supply systems, roads and drainage.

Other Services

Inscriptions- Can be added to existing markers or monuments
Flower Vases – Permanent or temporary
Wreaths - All season saddle wreaths
Flowers- Flower planting and maintenance
Memorial - Gardens and Trees
Landscape - Shrub trimming and removal

The staff of Mount Pleasant and Oakland Cemeteries would be pleased to answer any questions you might have, without obligation.