Pre-Planning Options

Why Make Pre-Arrangements?

To prepare in advance for the eventuality of death is not only proper forethought, but an outstanding act of consideration for every member of your family. Pre-arrangements lighten the emotional and financial burdens placed on loved ones at the time of need while ensuring that your wishes are respected when you are gone. Remember it is equally important to take into consideration how your family may feel and what they may need or want after you have passed.

When Pre-arranging

Once you have decided whether you wish to be buried in a casket OR you prefer cremation there are certain steps you should take:

  1. Make your wishes known, advise your family members. Your Will is usually not read until after the funeral so don't leave important funeral related information only in your Will.
  2. Consult with experienced professionals at the Cemetery about arrangements that can be made in advance.
  3. Select the final disposition: Grave, Family Plot, Columbarium, Cremation Plot or Scattering Garden. Then select your Funeral Services.
  4. By purchasing your Cemetery services in advance you are choosing your services at today’s prices, avoiding future fee increases.
  5. Our staff are non-commissioned and are here to help you through this process.
  6. Payment plans are available on request.

Why Come to the Cemetery First?

The type of Burial or Final Resting Place you choose will dictate some of the Cemetery and Funeral Services or Supplies you will need to purchase.

What should be considered if you choose to be buried in a casket?

You should think about:

  • The number of Graves required
  • Your preference between a Flat Marker that is level with the ground or an Upright Monument
  • The importance of flowers, planting or vase only
  • Your feelings about the use of a vault
  • Proximity to family members
  • Veterans' Section - please note that only the veteran and their spouse can be interred in this section providing they use the same grave or columbarium niche

What Should be Considered if You Choose Cremation?

You should think about:

  • Burial options for cremated remains include In-Ground that allows a Flat Marker that is level with the ground, In-Ground that allows an Upright Monument, Columbarium where the urn is placed into Niche above ground or Scattering Garden
  • Cremated remains can also be placed in family lots, although family permissions and paperwork must be in place for this interment choice.
  • The importance of flowers, planting or vase only
  • Veterans' Section – please note that only the veteran and their spouse can be interred in this section providing they use the same grave or columbarium niche

What Are Cemetery By-Laws?

Cemetery By-Laws are rules and regulations which contain specific directions for the benefit of the Cemetery and the protection of the Interment Rights Holders' interests. These same By-Laws serve to enhance the beauty of the Cemetery while ensuring an effective administration.

Why Would Cemetery By-Laws Affect Pre-Arrangement Decisions?

By-Laws contain specific regulations which provide for memorialization.

Various sections of the Cemetery have different regulations regarding the purchase of Flat Markers or Upright Monuments, their size, material and placement on the lot.

The Cemetery will be your final resting place. It is important that your choices in location and memorialization are representative of yourself while giving comfort to your loved ones.

What type of Funeral/Memorial Service?

  • Visitation – open or closed casket – urn present?
  • Your remains to be interred in a vault
  • Direct Disposition where the deceased is delivered directly to the Cemetery or Crematorium
  • Mount Pleasant Chapel Service/Reception
  • Mount Pleasant has a beautiful Chapel where a Memorial Service can be held. The Chapel accommodates 70 people comfortably. The service can be followed by a catered reception in the Reception Centre adjoining the Chapel

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During your pre-planning process, it is important to review the Ministry of Consumer Services’ Guide to Funeral, Burials and Cremation Services:
Consumer Guide
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