By-Laws for Monuments & Markers

4.7.00 Monuments & Markers


No monument or other structure shall be erected or permitted on a lot until all charges have been paid in full.


Only the Corporation may install Markers, Monument foundations and Bronze vases that are set in the ground.


Flat Markers are to be flat on top and set level with the ground so that a lawnmower can pass safely over them and shall be set by employees of the Corporation. The minimum thickness for all flat markers including footstones is 10 cm (4inches). Only one flat marker per grave space and two corner posts are allowed on a flat marker plot.


Due to the danger of becoming damaged or broken, picture or photograph attachments are not permitted on flat markers.


Markers will be accepted for installation during regular working hours. If weather and ground conditions permit, installations will be made within 60 days after acceptance. Markers will not be accepted for storage during the winter months.


Bronze is not permitted on flat markers or upright memorials unless in a designated area by the Corporation. Ornaments or decorations that were not an original part of the memorial are not to be attached to any part of the monument, base or marker.


All markers and monuments shall be constructed of granite or marble. The bottom bed of all bases and markers shall be cut level and true.


No monument, footstone, marker or memorial of any kind shall be placed, moved, altered or removed without permission from the General Manager.


No monument or marker will be accepted by the Cemetery without the Request for Installation form duly completed.


Every person installing a monument or marker in the Cemetery shall pay the prescribed amount, as set out in the FBCSA to the Corporation’s Care and Maintenance Fund. The interest earned from this fund will be used to maintain the markers or monuments in a safe condition.


If a monument or marker in the Cemetery presents a risk to public safety because it has become unstable, the Board shall do whatever is necessary by way of repairing, resetting or laying down the memorial to remove the risk. Additional inscription cannot be added to an unstable monument until the monument has been stabilized at the Rights Holders’ or their representatives’ expense.


Minor scraping of the base portion of the upright monuments due to the turf mowing operation is considered by the Corporation to be normal wear.


The Corporation will take reasonable precautions to protect the property of interment rights holders, but it assumes no liability for the loss of, or damage to, any monument, marker, corner posts, vases or part thereof except where such damage or loss is due to its negligence.


Only one monument may be installed per plot in an upright area, and only one flat marker per grave space. Four corner posts are allowed on an upright plot. The monument must be centered at the end of the plot designated for it.


The face area, including the base, of any monument, shall not exceed fifteen per cent of the surface of the lot, and the length of the base shall not exceed sixty percent of the width of the lot. The base area of any monument must not exceed ten percent of the surface area of the lot.


The minimum thickness of a tablet should be 20.32 cm (8 inches). For each 30.48 cm (1foot) in height above 96.52 cm (38 inches) from ground level, a corresponding increase of 5.08 cm (2 inches) in thickness must be made to the tablet.


The tablet must be installed on a granite base. The height of the base shall be a minimum of 20.3 cm (8 inches). The top surface of the base must be both wider and longer than the tablet in order to provide a minimum border of 7.6 cm (3 inches) of the surface of the base exposed on all sides. Bottoms of the base shall be smooth sawn.


For Section J, the maximum height of monuments including the base on single, double and triple grave lots will be 96.5 cm (38 inches) and a six grave lot will be 111.7 cm (44 inches).The maximum height of the monument including the base for cremation upright lots will be 81.2 cm (32 inches).


Monuments can only be erected on lots designated for monuments and not in any area designated for “Flat Markers Only”.


Unless abutting plots are owned, both sides of the stone cannot be used for inscription.


Foundations will be constructed after April 15th and before October 15th weather permitting.


The foundation shall be built in the designated space and in the proper dimensions of the monument base. If incorrect dimensions have been given on the application form, signed by the interment rights holder and/or the supplier, the foundation must be immediately removed and rebuilt by the cemetery at the expense of the interment rights holder. Foundations will be not less than 1.22 metres (4 feet) deep where ground conditions permit and they will be set at the managers’ direction. Foundations must be cured for a minimum of 48 hours before placing the monument.


Where an existing base is being replaced with a larger base, the existing foundation must be completely removed and a new foundation poured at the Rights Holders expense.


Only one bronze plaque 22” x 10” may be placed on a Memory Stone in Section J.


The Corporation reserves the right to remove at its sole discretion any monument, marker or inscription which is not in keeping with the dignity and decorum of the Cemetery.


Inscription on Veterans’ monuments and niche plaques must contain information related to the Veterans’ service.